7 Hormones to loose Weight fast

Let’s look at 7 hormones that can make your body firm, thin, and healthy.

1. Insulin

It is secreted by the pancreas when we eat foods that contain glucose (that is, pancreas with virtually any carbohydrate). When we talk about building muscle, insulin is an anabolic “muscle-building” hormone. What is crucial in post training.

Insulin improves the nutrition of your muscles (it gives them gasoline), but when they are full then they store that extra glucose in the form of fat. Yes, you heard right, in fat form! Hence the bad reputation of taking carbohydrates. To control that this does not happen, the ideal is to take the carbohydrates together with proteins, that can reduce the secretion of insulin.


2. Glucagon

The pancreas also secretes a peptide hormone to raise blood glucose levels. It is just the opposite of insulin and, while insulin stores carbohydrates and fat, glucagon breaks down these deposits and encourages the burning of fats.

Eating lots of hydrates can cause this hormone to stop working and stop turning fat into energy. In order for this hormone to be at its peak you can take a diet low in hydrates and higher in protein.

3. Adiponectin

This is another very important hormone that is produced by our body fat. You can improve your muscles’ ability to use carbohydrates to generate energy, increase your metabolism, and increase the fat burning rate of your body.

It also has a satiating function! To maximize adiponectin you only have to lift more weight in the gym. The more muscle mass you have, the more number of adiponectin hormones your body will generate.

4. Leptin

This hormone is generated by our fat cells and sends the signal to our brain leptinacuando already we are full. The more fat you have, the more leptin will be created, which sounds good, but the problem is that too much fat causes too much leptin.

This causes the brain to become insensitive to the leptin signal. The way to avoid this is to lead an active life and a balanced diet.

5. Ghrelin

It is created and is generated in the stomach and is considered the opposite of leptin. When the stomach is empty sends a signal to your brain to say that you are hungry. If you want to lose weight, what you need is not having many hormones of this type. The problem is that when you are on a diet, this hormone does not stop segregating.

Our body will never get used to eating little, and the feeling of hunger will always be with us. How to change this? Do exercise. An intense exercise causes ghrelin to inhibit and not produce as much.

6. Cortisol

It is a catabolic hormone (destroys muscle) and is produced by the stress-cortisol-and-health-adrenal glands in stressful situations. Whether due to daily life stress or overtraining, cortisol is triggered at the same time as insulin production.

In addition cortisol can lower the levels of serotonin (neurotransmitter responsible for sleeping, recovering and appetite). To control this hormone make sure you sleep 8 hours a day.

7. Norepinephrine

It is one of the most important hormones when it comes to burning fat. It is the key to fat metabolism that, when secreted by our brain, directly activates the alpha and beta receptors of our fat cells, encouraging their mobilization to generate energy.

One of the best ways to “call” norepinephrine is by producing adrenaline through training. Another option is to increase this hormone with supplementation like green tea and caffeine.

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