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Is nigeria a developing country

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The world’s countries are known to be either developed or developing. In this article we try to answer the question,Is Nigeria is a developing country or not?

According to Wikipedia,  A developing country,, is a nation with a less developed industrial base, and a low Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries They include 77% of all countries on our planet and Nigeria is a Developing country as seen on the list


Characteristics of developing countries include the following:

  1. Former colonial apparatus.
  2. Saving of the pre-industrial foundations, coupled with modern postindustrial ones.
  3. Social and economic processes are multistructural – there is unwillingness to retreat from such process as Agriculture economy, etc.
  4. The relative underdevelopment and backwardness of countries, provoking aspiration to the later development.
  5. The heavy reliance on those countries that stand at one or several steps higher, more actively developing or who is already among the list of developed countries.
  6. Other structuring of society (the division into classes, etc.).
  7. The cult of relations inside of family, tribe, clan nigeria a developing country

 Characteristics of a  Developed Country

While there is some variance in the specific criteria set by economists for developed country status, there is universal agreement that developed countries have

  • high per capita GDPs,
  • good living standards and
  • widespread industrialization.
  • citizens of developed countries rank high in literacy,
  • high in health care availability and
  • low in infant mortality rate
  • Per capita GDP threshold for classification as a developed country is $12,000.

The most advanced economies in the world, such as the United States, Switzerland and Norway, boast per capita GDPs in excess of $50,000. Similarly, most developed countries suffer fewer than 10 infant deaths per 1,000 live births.

So back to our Question Is Nigeria a developing country or Developed Country?

Directly responding to the question is Nigeria developing or developed, The answer will remain Nigeria is a Developing Country, reasons include

  • low income of economy on a national scale,
  • poorly developed market relations,
  • authoritarian foundations, that interfere the general list of symptoms of progressively developing countries,
  • low tendency to enhance the quality of education and the educational system in a whole,

 Using the Characteristics of developed countries above  as a Yardstick, Nigeria is still far from becoming a developed country.

As of 2015, Nigeria’s per capita GDP sits at $2,831. Even if you do not adhere to the $12,000 threshold as a hard-and-fast rule, Nigeria’s economy comes in well below any reasonable definition of “developed.” Poverty is widespread, and large swaths of the country lack access to quality health care and even clean water.

The infant mortality rate in Nigeria, at 69 per 1,000 live births as of 2015, is atrocious. Even Afghanistan and Haiti, two countries well known for their deplorable living conditions, have better numbers as of 2015.

Based on its economy, health care and living standards, Nigeria is still far from being classified as a developed country.

Nevertheless, Nigeria is still part of the so-called “Group of 11”.countries which are projected in the future to step into becoming Developed Countries. With the right commitment from the government and all stakeholders Nigeria can move from being a Developing Country to a Developed Country.

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