8 Foods That will Kill You

We identify or have an idea of ​​what foods that bring benefits to our body, however, there are others we eat regularly and we have no idea of ​​its harmful effects on our health.

To know more about it, we have consulted the nutritionist Magaly Muciño, who lists these foods Kill us and we do not have them on the radar.

Remember, the idea is not that you eliminate them completely, but the consumption of these should be in moderation.
1. Processed Products

Many may fall into this category, but we refer to those rich in proteins and carbohydrates (meats, dairy and cereals, mainly) fried, cooked, smoked, sealed, baked, among others, that when processed a reaction is carried out Originates the “advanced glycation end products” or AGE’s, what is this ?, the substances that are formed when cooking the food in excess and are shown as a yellow, brown or black crust.

The industry favors this reaction to give color and taste, however, it is scientifically proven that this induces oxidation in your body favoring the appearance and evolution of diseases such as diabetes, some kidney, cardiovascular, neurogenerative, Alzheimer’s and aging. Tasty yes, healthy not so much !!! Hence the recommendations of opting for foods and preparations more natural and fresh. When Cooking Avoid cooking until dark.

2. Products with fructose

The high consumption of refined sugars leads to the emergence of obesity and diabetes, which is why science and industry are stepping up their efforts to find substitutes for sweetening foods. One of them, “fructose” or the products that contain it (desserts, jams, dressings, as syrup for drinks, bakery products and confectionery, less vegetables and honey).

Fructuosa has a greater ability to sweeten than the sugar we use every day. However, when it is metabolized by the liver, its excess could become fat, this causes that the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides increase in the blood. This is similar to what happens with alcohol, therefore it can cause fatty liver and in the worst case, it becomes cirrhotic.

3. Foods with trans fats

Have you ever wondered what legend is referring to on food labels that says “free of or without trans fats”?The group of established fats resulting from the hydrogenation of the vegetable oils added to the products in order to give them texture and stability (cookies, breads, cereal bars, margarines, dairy, coffee cream, pre-packaged and frozen products).

Studies have linked their intake with various types of cancers, ischemic heart disease and diabetes. Our suggestion is to read the little letters of the labels, often the legend is not visible enough or not literally declared as trans fatty acids, but if you read “partially or totally hydrogenated oils” forget about those foods!

4. Red and processed meats

Red meat, especially processed (dehydrated, salted, smoked, cured, sausage or those with additives) have been related to high cholesterol or atherosclerosis because of its high content of saturated fat.

However, today they have been associated with cancer, mainly stomach and colon. The mechanisms are not yet well known, but it is believed that by consuming them, it could generate mutagenic compounds, giving an excessive amount of iron in the body.

5. Juices & smoothies

Today we are bombarded by detox diets based on fresh and natural fruit juices. Undoubtedly, fruits contain numerous beneficial properties because of their high water content, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, but their processing and presentation in liquid form are not ideal, why ?.

Have been linked to obesity and diabetes because of their high content of simple sugars; In addition to extracting only the juice, reduces the content of soluble and insoluble fiber, decreasing the aid in absorption of glucose and fats, increasing the possibility of constipation, diverticula and intestinal cancer. Take them in moderation and preferably eat fruit.
6. Milk

The controversies in this subject lie in that the human being is the only mammal that consumes milk in the adult life. Its main harmful effect on health has been because of its high content of saturated fat, this produces cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, it is still unclear whether its consumption increases or decreases the risk of cancer, but it has been suggested that the relationship between the two could be due to the fact that it has high contents of the hormone IGF-1, which has been associated with Breast and prostate cancer; In addition, the presence of fat has a negative influence on some sex hormones, which facilitates carcinogenesis.
7. Energy Drinks

Different from what many people think, these are different from sports drinks or vitamin water found in the supermarket. Usually energy drinks contain caffeine, taurine, vitamins, herbal supplements, sugars or sweeteners that are attributed the effect of improving energy, increasing physical performance and concentration.

High consumption can be harmful to health and is worse when combined with alcohol, since its ingredients stimulate the central nervous system giving direct negative effects on the heart and blood pressure.

8. Dehydrated fruits

The intake of dehydrated fruit is suggestive to those who do not incorporate it into their diet, since these snacks contain nutrients similar to the original fruit, in addition to being a good source of fiber and potassium.

However, it must be remembered that when they are dehydrated they lose their taste, which is why they add sugars to improve it.

For this reason we recommend, that if you are going to include these types of snacks to your diet do it in moderation.

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