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soursop benefits


Soursop, also known as Graviola is a fruit from the Soursop tree (Annona Muricata),which is  indigenous to the rainforest regions, the Soursop tree is  evergreen tree with broad Soursop Leaves  that produces flowers and fruit.

Soursop trees grow in areas with high humidity and warm temperate winters, including Cuba, Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Soursop benefits are numerous and should be included in our diets,Scientifically Soursop is named as Annona  Muricata. Other common names are graviola, guanabana, Brazilian pawpaw,corossol  etc.

Soursop is fully loaded with a number of nutrients and is also used as an alternative medicine to treat many diseases. According to research, Soursop is good for controlling the spread of cancer. Not only the fruit, but also the Soursop seeds,Soursop  leaves, dark and roots of the plant, help in the alleviating many a malady.


soursop nigeria

What is Soursop?

“Soursop” is actually the name of the fruit produced by the Soursop tree. The fruit appears in large, heart-shaped forms with a yellow-green, spiky skin and white fleshy interior containing the Soursop juice.

Much like the name implies the fruit is fairly acidic with a taste that resembles a mix of strawberry and pineapple. Not unlike other types of fruit, Soursop contains essential vitamins and minerals which make for a healthy addition to anyone’s diet

In Nigeria the Soursop tree is cultivated commercially owing to its culinary as well as medicinal purposes. The fleshy  white Soursop juice is used for making candy, beverages soursop teas and also used as a flavoring. The Soursop  leaves, root, bark and seeds have been incorporated as a traditional remedy for centuries and soursop extracts are  available in health food stores, to avail its therapeutic value

soursop nigeria

Amazing  Soursop Benefits / Soursop Facts

What is Soursop good for?

Every part of the soursop tree is used to treat a number of physical ailments. This fruit not only promote good health but also helps fight against parasites present inside the body. Since is loaded with a number of nutrients essential for the overall development of body.

Benefits of soursop can be availed by eating the fruit or including its supplement in the recommended dosage. You can avail of these benefits right from head to toe.This fruit  helps in relieving the pain and discomfort caused due to constipation. Since the fruit contains soluble and insoluble fibers, it adds bulk to the stool and facilitates easy elimination from the body.

soursop leaves are good for treating mouth ulcers effectively . Finely mashing the leaf with water and applying it on the boils will help decrease the size of the ulcers in time curing them completely and also reduce irritation.

Drinking soursop tea that is made by concocting soursop leaves or root in water is known to reduce lumbago. Lumbago is a kind of backache, especially in the lower back or lumbar region. A cup of Soursop tea everyday will also help relieve the inflammation of the back muscles.

A pulp made with fresh soursop leaves and rose water if applied to the skin will prevent the occurrence of acne blackheads and other skin problems.

Soursop fruit juice, if consumed twice daily can help resolve kidney ailments, liver problems, urinary tract infection (also referred to as urethritis ) and hematuria (or blood in urine) etc. The fleshy part of the fruit, if applied to any wound will speed up the healing process and also prevent any bacterial infection.

A decoction of soursop flowers and young shoots will help cure the inflammation of sinuses and also in the throat and nose. It also helps in the secretion of mucus to reduce irritation.

You can successfully get rid of head lice and bed bugs with the use of soursop leaves decoction. It will not only there’s pests but can also keep them away.

Concoctions made from Soursop leaves are used for a range of treatment remedies, some of which include:

  • Alleviating arthritis pain
  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Reducing inflammation in nasal passages and the respiratory tract as a whole
  • As a tranquilizer or sedative
  • To treat skin conditions like eczema

 Soursop is also used as a remedy for cough, diarrhea, fever and indigestion. Including supplements of soursop will bring down the intensity of these conditions and also enhance recovery.

Another  Soursop Juice benefit  is its use as a diuretic. People who reside within the South America, Central America and Mexico regions also use the juice for other conditions, such as scurvy and dysentery. The bark, leaves and root portions of the tree can be used as a sedative/tranquilizer and are also used to treat symptoms related to diabetes


Soursop Cancer Treatment

Laboratory  studies have shown that Soursop leaves, seed and fruit extracts as potential treatments to reduce or eliminate the spread of cancer cells in the body. The active ingredients contained inside these portions of the plant are known as Annonaceous acetogenins

Acetogenins are active compounds capable of preventing abnormal or cancer-type cells from producing the energy they need to grow and reproduce. These compounds also inhibit blood flow to abnormal cell bodies which work to cut off their nutrient supplies.

The studies also found out that of Soursop extracts can be used to cure several forms of cancers like

  • Breast cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Prostate cancer

How to Prepare Soursop Herbal Treatmentssoursop juiceWhen considering herbal or plant remedies, the type of condition being treated often determines the type of treatment preparation needed. Herbal treatment preparations come in capsule, tea or tincture forms. Each method is designed to draw out certain medicinal properties of the plant. Tea preparations draw out the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant while tincture preparations enhance the plant’s antibacterial properties.

Standard dosages for Soursop  based on type of preparation are:

  • Capsules/tablets – 2 grams, three times a day
  • Tinctures – 2 to 4 milliliters, three times a day
  • Soursop Teas – 1 cup, three times a day


Truly Soursop is God’s gift to Mankind.

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