Best exercises to get in shape


Each year is the same: we all aim to have a healthier lifestyle, which always includes getting in shape. But many times we end up frustrated and tired and is that, perhaps, those who have been practicing are incorrect, so we usually leave everything a month to try.
Well, today we have good news:
Yes there are EFFECTIVE exercises to get in shape!
These 12 exercises that we will show you promise to help you tone your body and achieve that goal of 2017. They really do work!
Do not stop reading, below will tell you how to do the routines.
Note: Do not forget to do stretching and warm-up exercises before and after each routine to prepare your body and avoid problems in your muscles and joints.
1. Iron

2. Stretch your legs back

3. Squats

4. Squatting with jumping

5. Iron touching your shoulder

6. Lizards

7. Scrambling to the front jumping

8. Spider

9. Rear Scrapers

10. Side Scrapers

11. Walk

12. Bridge

Okay, now that you know what the exercises are, we’re going to tell you how to do them. One important thing: If your pretext for not exercising is time, these routines will take you 20-30 minutes a day, so lack of time is no longer a valid excuse.
I heard that a 20 minute routine is better than no routine, so give it everything!

Exerise Routine:
Part 1:
[*] Exercise 1: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 2: 10 reps
[*] Exercise 3: 10 reps
[*] Exercise 4: 10 repetitions

Rest (breathe) 5 minutes Exercise

[*] Exercise 5: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 6: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 7:10 repetitions [*]

Exercise 8: 10 repetitions

Rest (breathe) 5 minutes.
Part 3:

[*] Exercise 9: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 10: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 11: 10 repetitions
[*] Exercise 12: 10 repetitions,


The last keep up as much as possible and low Slowly as you control your breathing. In the last one stay up as much as you can and slowly lower while controlling your breathing.

Source:12 exercises that will tone and strengthen your body in 30 days

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