Glute Kickbacks Exercise Workout

glute kickbacks
Looking for the perfect workout to firm up your body?The glute kickbacks move is just perfect for You.
This Excercise is  one workout that’ll definitely have you feeling it right where you want to get firm and shape  your booty.

What is Glute Kickbacks?

Glute kickbacks are a simple body weight exercise which target your glutes, using your leg as resistance

Step One

Get down on all fours on the ground and then, keeping your back straight.

glute kickback 1

Step Two

Slowly kick one leg back behind you, extending the knee. Once it’s as high as it can go, lower it back down so it’s almost touching the ground. Repeat again for the next rep.

glute kickback 2

Perform 12 reps per side and then switch sides and repeat for the perfect glute and firm Ass.

Step-by-step Glute KickBacks Exercise

  1. Start on your hands and knees, hands placed directly below your shoulders
  2. Your legs should be at a 90° angle – the thigh perpendicular to the floor to begin with
  3. Lift one leg by contracting your glutes
  4. Keep a 90° angle in your knee as your leg is lifted up until it is inline with your back
  5. Your thigh should now be parallel to the floor and your calf will be going upwards, perpendicular to the floor
  6. Hold this position
  7. Slowly lower your leg back down – keep this as a controlled movement to make the most of the eccentric contraction of your glutes
  8. Repeat with your other leg

Progression tips

Adding ankle weights will increase the resistance of the exercise for your glutes. Increasing the length of the pause at the top of each rep can increase the isometric endurance of your glutes. Other variations will include straightening the leg out behind you, this is good for beginners as the load is supported by your upper leg more rather than just your glutes.

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