Secret of longetivity- Why the Honza people of India Live Longer

 Today I am going to comment on something surprising, surprising because even I have been perplexed by this news that I have just seen on the internet, it is surprising news because they are going to know the secret of the Hunza, a people who do not know sickness, nor diseases , Nor old age and live longer

The Hunza River Valley on the border of India and Pakistan is called the oasis of youth, and it is not in vain. The inhabitants of this area live between 110 and 120 years, almost never get sick and have a very young appearance. The inhabitants of Hunza stand out in many respects among the neighboring nations.Physically it looks a lot like the Europeans. They speak their own language, the burushaski, which resembles no other language in the world, and professes a special Islam Ismaili, However the most surprising thing about this small nation hidden among the mountain ranges of the region is its extraordinary ability to maintain its youth and health.

The Hunza bathe in icy water even at 15 degrees below zero, play sports games even to 100 years. 40-year-old women look like teenagers, and at 65 they still give birth. In summer they eat fruits, raw vegetables, and in winter dry apricots, sprouted grains, and sheep’s cheese. Scottish doctor Robert McCarrinson emphasized that the Hunza almost do not consume protein, a day they eat 1933 calories a day, which includes 50 grams of proteins, 36 grams of fats and 365 grams of carbohydrates.

According to McCarrinson’s conclusions precisely diet is the main factor of the longevity of that nation, For example neighboring nations that live in the same weather conditions, but do not eat properly, look like a variety of diseases and have a life expectancy twice as short as the Hunza. Another specialist stressed the next advantage of the power model of this amazing nation. He is a vegetarian, has a lot of raw foods, fruits and vegetables predominate in the diet, the products are completely natural, and have regular periods of fasting.

On the secret of their longevity the inhabitants of Hunza recommend to maintain a vegetarian diet, work and move constantly, among other benefits of this way of life include joy, the Hunza are always in a good mood, and control of the nerves. They honestly do not know the stress.

All right, Is a very beautiful information very interesting, for those who like the investigation of this, could therefore penetrate more on the internet and look for information about this town, and take that diet to other places and do tests, and suddenly people start to get sick Less and begins to be more longeva. And look that they talk about that the greatest amount of intake is carbohydrates, whereas here carbohydrates are not recommended because it has a number of problems.


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