Why your tomato is no longer tasty



It’s a fact: we want fresh tomatoes all year round and this comes at a price. Behind the red, shiny and perfect skin of the tomato only inhabits the most disappointing blandness of all. The sweetness tuned with a little acidity that once characterized the tomatoes, was lost to give way to a watery taste of dirty pool.

What mystery is hidden among the seeds of this vegetable that concentrated all the soap of the earth and used to cheer the salads with much umami? Here are the 5 reasons why tomatoes no longer taste like tomatoes:

1. The Long Shadow of Genetics

The bigger and firmer, the less flavor. This is what says a study published in the journal Science that has studied and sequenced almost 400 varieties of tomatoes and examined 100 by tastings. Thus, they have managed to identify 13 volatile compounds responsible for flavoring the tomatoes.

And the conclusion is that after World War II until today, it has been prioritized to improve the genetics of tomatoes to provide them with disease resistance, larger size and increased production. Unfortunately, all this has been detrimental to taste.

2. Traditional varieties do not last all year.

In the supermarket we find tomatoes all year round and usually are of the same types. These varieties are known as commercial, created to constantly supply the demand of the vegetable. And these are the tomatoes without any grace.

However, traditional tomato varieties still retain the strong flavor of always, only with one condition: they are made to wait for the summer. Extending a lot, you can eat from June to September, which is when the sun works at full capacity to ripen these red jewels.

3. Collect them green

Good tomatoes are ripe and therefore are soft and full of sugars like fruits they are. That means that its useful life is about to end and that we should consume it as much within a week. Otherwise, your skin will burst, the pulp will begin to sour and colonize a white fungus.

To avoid that they perish so fast and are beautiful to the eye, there have been varieties increasingly hard, with thicker skin whose collection, moreover, takes place when the tomato is still green. Bad mistake.

Antoni Graells, who has participated in the recent publication and has spent years studying tomatoes from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), said that in order to be able to eat them all year,

4. Put them in the refrigerator to hold them

The cold affects the DNA of the tomato in a temporary way and is directly linked to the loss of flavor and aroma, as maintained by this collaborative study of the University of Florida. So if they are already tasteless, they will be even more if we put them in the fridge. And it will be waste money keep cold tomatoes bought from the paye.

In the same way, tomatoes brought from outside the country when the weather conditions are not favorable travel in chambers of cold that will mistreat without truce its flavor.

5. Conform to the bad

Not knowing the varieties of native tomatoes of the country or each region is an error that impoverishes the palate, the gastronomic culture and also the environment. Because if there is no good tomato demand, the vast majority of farmers will continue to produce the tasteless, which gives them less work and more economic returns.

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