Top 7 Calories Workout for Fast Weight loss

Calories workout

If you are those who puts as a pretext “workout indoors as the gym is not my thing” we present the options out of it that will allow you to burn a large number of calories and at the same time toning your muscles. From the best known to those that few people practice we present those that will make you sweat while giving you the opportunity to perform them outdoors. Here the list Of top 7 calories workout exercises


Calories burned per hour: 600-900
Most racquet sports follow the same intermittent pattern of movements in which there is intense movement and then pauses long, this allows you tocreate cycles that are ideal to burn more calories than usual.

You have to take into account that to do it you must have good physical stamina, which is a high impact sport and in which, in addition to toning your muscles, it will improve your coordination, agility and reflexes.


Calories burned per hour: 600-800
For many this is one of the most complete exercises that exist, and that its main features are getting intense burning calories.

In addition to this, due to the strokes and the intensity of them, the muscles not only become toned but also can increase in size. Many of those who practice it see results soon after starting to train. To this you can add that will help you release the stress.


Calories burned per hour: 500-800
You will be surprised with how much you can get tired with this exercise. In addition, you have the plus that you will always stay cool, which will allow you to give an extra in your workouts.

Swimming increases your muscle mass, tones your muscles and is a low-impact exercise, so your joints will be safe. He usually gives excellent training to the whole body.


Calories burned per hour: 900-1500
Remember it is not the same jogging to run; This activity implies greater intensity and therefore greater calorie burning.

The recommendation is that you keep a speed above 8.5 km / h and that you do it outdoors. Knowing new places can be part of the motivation for you to do it daily.

Calories burned per hour: 600-900
Do not worry if you’re one of those who has always been on the bench, you can now find a team that suits your skills.

Each position of the players gives distinct benefits.However, this sport is played through rapid changes of speed and direction, which helps to burn fat, tone the lower muscles and the abdomen area.

Skipping the Rope

Calories burned per hour: 700 to 1.000
Perhaps this type of training you remember to heating using boxers and that seems to be the secret that transforms tireless types. Then after you try it you will understand why it is one of the best methods of fitness.

It begins slow with long jumps of little intensity, little by little increases the intensity until completing three series of 15 minutes separated from one to two minutes of rest. It is as simple as cash. If you continue with doubt, look at this:


Calories burned per hour: 300 calories
This exercise will help you build muscle strength, as both the top and the bottom working at the same time.That is why this is an activity of resistance.

In addition to strengthening you will be doing a cardiovascular exercise, which will increase your heart rate at a constant intensity, which will allow you to have good endurance and burn calories.

Remember that to burn calories more than the type of exercise you have to look at the intensity and the time in which you can keep that rhythm.

Bottom line: the longer you work at high intensity, the higher the calorie burn.

Best wishes as you burn that excess calorie.

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